About BW Industries

BW Industries in Winfield, IL

Our Story

BW Industries was established in 1968. In 1991 the company was purchased by Ken LeBeau., Ken continued to focus on industrial and institutional accounts and proceeded to expand the company.

1992 Ken purchased the first engraving machine. The engraving business continued to grow and a further two machines were added to improve flexibility and response time. Continuing to pursue product enhancements, a 24” x 36” laser engraver was purchased; this improved the productivity, quality, and gave us the ability to engrave on stainless steel and most other metals.

In 1999 Eric Robertson Joined the company to introduced and develops our new Inst-A-Screen product which complimented our industrial graphic product line.

BW was already producing reverse engraved lexan panel graphics for several OEM’s. It was this that led to the introduction of our Inst-A-Screen product

Under Eric’s guidance our Inst-A-Screen product has become a formidable cost effective competitor to the silk screening process. Inst-A-Screen has no die cutting charges, color screen set up charges, or minimums. Furthermore production can be completed in days rather than weeks.

These benefits prove to be ideal for OEM companies and manufacturing companies operating on a “just in time” production system.