Case Study: Next Advance Sources Labeling Solutions from BW Industries

Client Background

Next Advance is a leading provider of life sciences laboratory instruments. Their product line includes the Bullet Blender® tissue homogenizers, automated blot processors, rockers, pumps and other life scientific laboratory equipment. Next Advance focuses on innovative designs, results-driven engineering for custom lab equipment and varying budgets.
Next Advance Infinity Rocke r4 Stack Possibilities



Challenge – Marketing to Scientists Means Very Specific Requirements

Next Advance clients depend on precise equipment for their scientific work. Therefore, the product control panel labels and overlaps for Next Advance equipment must be exact and not leave any variables in the design process, logistical and safety labeling of their product line. Next Advance also wants to keep a consistent branding on their packaging.


Solution – Professional, Custom Graphic Design

BW Industries is able to provide Next Advance a distinct marketing advantage. BW Industries identifies and then communicates the safety, logistical and marketing needs of the equipment through creative and functional control panel labels. While Next Advance focuses on their core business, producing laboratory equipment for biologists, BW Industries can identify labeling needs and produce precise high quality labels, whether it be a protocol project or a long-run.


Challenge – Accurate Estimates and Timely Delivery

Next Advance relies on timely delivery of finished products to their clients, which includes the  equipment labeling. “When we have a deadline, BW Industries delivers exactly what we need, when we need it,” says Brian Kolb, Manufacturing Manager at Forward Biotech, the manufacturing division of Next Advance. BW Industries provides their clients with a estimate on their manufacturing schedule and according to Brian, “They deliver on their estimate every time.”



Next Advance and BW Industries have a great working relationship. Next Advance turns to BW Industries for most of their control panel labeling needs. The two companies have been working together for just about 10 years now. Here is some of the labeling work that BW Industries has worked on with Forward Biotech and Next Advance.

Next Advance stabilizer container rocker

Stabilizer Container Rocker

Next Advance platform rocker shaker Next  Rockers

Platform Rocker Shaker

Next Advance PC77 MAG2 pressure injected cell

Pressure Injected Cell

Apr 04, 2014