Digital Graphics for Perimeter of Industrial Display

BW Industries creates competitive, custom projects for small and large manufacturing companies. In this case, a very large international electronics manufacturing company approached BW Industries for a design and production digital graphics project. They were looking to white-label or customize the outside or perimeter of their 7” and 9” touch screen displays without the manufacturer’s usual branding so that their client had an exclusive look for their screens. This large manufacturing company does much of their manufacturing in China, but the feasibility of the short-run and quick-turnaround on the rebranded perimeter label of this product was not feasible from a Chinese manufacturer.

Before approaching BW Industries, they were quoted 6-8 weeks lead time plus an excessive minimum quantity, making the project cost-prohibitive. BW Industries met with the manufacturing team and was able to quickly meet their custom design needs with a protocol, a short-run and a quick turnaround at a price point that the manufacturing company could manage.

BW Industries meets the needs where the larger industrial graphics companies do not budge. If your manufacturing company is looking for a custom industrial graphics company, BW Industries can help.



Mar 07, 2014