Case Study – Graphics, Labels and Panel Designs for Food Warming Equipment, Inc.

BW Industries is a leading industrial graphics service supplier, specializing in custom graphic overlays, engraving and laser services. BW Industries provides custom mimic plates, stainless steel engraving, signage, and custom labels and decals using state of the art technology, design and production equipment.

Client Background

Food Warming Equipment (FWE) is a premier global manufacturer and supplier of food service equipment to some of the largest brands in the industry. They supply equipment to cook, hold and refrigerate food just as the chef intended.  They service stadiums and arenas, hotels and convention centers, restaurants, attractions and correctional facilities. FWE provides products that are customer driven to provide efficiency, safety and freshness in food service kitchens globally. Combining 60 years of experience with the leading edge design and engineering team, FWE provides unparalleled products.


Challenge – Graphics for Short Run Prototype or Rush Job

FWE sometimes has to turn around a prototype for a tradeshow or a customer project exactly as it would be manufactured. The client needs to see what it would like like if they order it in quantity and having the graphics in place is key to marketing it to that client or at a trade show.

Solution – Short Run, Professional, Quick Turnaround, Custom Designs

BW Industries is able to provide FWE the marketing edge because their production methods allow for short run protocols and rush projects. This provides FWE the marketing advantage and helps seal the sale for them time and time again.


Challenge – Find High Quality Labels to Withstand the Elements of Commercial Kitchen

FWE requires labeling that is user-friendly and provides proper brand recognition. However, FWE struggled to find suppliers with labeling products that would last in the real world environment let alone the commercial kitchen environment.

Solution – Quality Performance and Durability of Industrial Commercial Labels

BW Industries is able to meet and exceed foodservice industry standards for temperature tolerances. Their products withstand testing and real-world experience in commercial kitchen environments where grease-laden vapors, food service operator wear and tear and commercial cleaning solutions have proven the competition inferior in the past. BW products have proven to perform for the long run in the commercial kitchen.

control panel UHST


Challenge – Finding Creative Panel Designers

FWE needed to find a supplier to design control panels that worked. They needed someone that could take their vision and make it happen or find a solution to work within the constraints of their design equipment and the actual product being labeled.

Solution – Customer Service Driven BW Industries Provides Custom Industrial Graphics

“BW Industries is smart! They understand what FWE needs on the control panel artwork without explaining every detail. They make it work. They understand that deadlines are important,” says Karen Shoemaker of FWE. “BW Industries adds their experience and creativity to make a professional end result. They provide suggestions or alternative solutions to tough commercial kitchen real-life requirements.”

food warming equipment CH 6 SK


FWE and BW Industries have been working together for approximately 15 years on numerous projects of varying complexity. FWE continues to turn to BW Industries for their control panel overlays. FWE was happy to assist with this case study and gave BW Industries nothing but glowing praise of their work together. FWE compliments BW Industries on their “great and consistent work.”

BW Industries has produced control panel overlays for a variety of FWE Products.

These are some of them:

 Clymate® IQ Precision Heated and Humidified Holding Cabinet – Uses separate controls for heat and humidity with color coded translucent windows for digital read-out

Humi-Temp® Heated Holding Cabinet

Top Mount Heated Holding Cabinet

Food Sentry Heated Holding Cabinet

Ultra-Universal Heated Holding

Handy Line Heated Holding

Moisture-Temp Heated Holding

Proofer Heaters

Low Temperature Cook and Hold Ovens

CH Smoker Series – Using foils to create multiple colors with translucent windows for digital read-out

Cold-Temp Refrigerators

Cold-Temp Freezers

Dual-Temp Refrigerator or Heated Holding Cabinet

Dual-Temp Refrigerator or Freezer


Mar 19, 2014