Graphic Control Panel Overlay for Manufacturing Equipment

BW Industries - Graphic Overlays

It’s something you’ve done one thousand times before. You walk into your favorite fast food joint, scan the menu and choose a sandwich made fresh to order with the most consistent bread around. You grab a seat, chow down, and head out to be on with your day. 

Something you’ve probably never pondered is how do they get that bread proofed, cooked and kept warm every time, better than any other place. How your fast food and quite frankly any other favorites are perfected every single time, is because the machines that produce them are used correctly. But how does the machine operator know to do it the right way? Aha.. that’s where BW Industries comes in. We work with a number of equipment manufacturers and we work with them to design and develop the graphic overlay panels for their equipment to ensure that the machine is operated safely and with ease. Not just in the food service industry, but we have created graphic control panel overlays for laboratory equipment manufacturing, industrial engineering equipment, automobile manufacturing and so many other industries.

PHTT-1220-8 food warming equip


Apr 08, 2014