Mimic Panels & Bus

Mimic Panels - Mimic Bus

Mimic Panels and Bus

A mimic panel or bus is a direct or approximate schematic representation used by a broad sector of industries in a variety of applications. Examples include:

  • A series of electrical symbols and specifications on the exterior of large switchgear panels.
  • The approximate representation of a process plant to quickly aid in the identification or exact location of faults or break-downs.
  • In the security/gatehouse of a business industrial or residential complex to identify in which building an alarm has been activated.

Mimic panels are commonly used in cement plants, railways, petro-chemical plants, public utilities, foundries, distribution centers, power generation stations, laboratories, etc.

Types of mimic panels and bus

  • A. Printed Mimic Panels and Bus

    The majority of BW Industries manufactured mimic panels and buses utilize 10mil polycarbonate which can be reverse printed in customized colors and sizes with symbols to suit all applications. The printed bus is backed with 3M 467 or 468 Hi Performance adhesive for easy installation.

  • B. Engraved Mimic Panels and Bus

    BW industries can also manufacture mimic panels and buses by more traditional means from 1/16” or 1/8” plastic to match existing switchgear. In the past, a mimic bus was cut from plastic stock and screwed on to the panel. Now, weather proof adhesives can used to anchor plastic mimic bus, eliminating the need to drill mounting holes.

Industries that we have supplied

Food processing, Aero space, Automotive, Manufacturing, Contractors, Metal Stamping, Machine Tools, Schools, Sign shops, Hotels, Hospitals.