Tamper free Decals

I was reading an article the other day about Hawaii. And was surprised to see that as there is so much volcanic air pollution that they have replaced vehicle emission tests with a car safety test for all of their vehicles. All cars carry must show a decal with the date that the last test was passed. Tests cover 2 years for new cars and then need to taken annually.

Last year they changed the management of the tests and the supplier of the Decals. It turned out that the details on the new decals could be removed with nail polish or other similar chemicals.

I was interested in this problem as I see decals used all over the place and I wondered if this was a major problem or an oversight by the supplier.

I spoke to my friends at BW industries, who supply decals to many industries, for their opinion. They told me that there were many ways to produce decals but this situation was unusual.

Ken of BW Industries explained to me that most of their decals were printed on the back side of clear polycarbonate film in order that there is no way that the ink can be tampered with.

BW Industries showed me samples of decals for an enormous cross section of industries from Aerospace to Hospitals and food processing to hotels.

Aug 18, 2014